“Though in different countries, we share the same earth” - XCMG donates 60,000 loving masks to the world.

“Though in different countries, we share the same earth”; “We are willing to share with you what we have”. When COVID-19 pandemic hit China, thousands of overseas friends of XCMG in Japan, Korea and Russia, etc. helped and supported China and XCMG. XCMG people were deeply moved.



Now, the pandemic has elevated in many countries in the world, posing severe challenges. To return the favor, XCMG Chairman Wang made instructions, saying XCMG is obliged to provide help to our overseas friends.


Willing to offer the helping hands, XCMG has donated over 60,000 masks to its friends in more than 20 countries in the world, including Italy, Germany, South Korea and Japan, etc. 

Viruses see no country borders. To control the pandemic, joint efforts and hard work are essential. At the same time, mutual help and synergy are also needed. After the outbreak of pandemic, XCMG quickly mobilized medical supplies such as masks, protective clothing and goggles and delivered them to those in need. The mutual help between XCMG and its global friends has become an impressive part of the pandemic-fighting initiatives in the world

On March 1, our Japanese friend Mr. Kazuo Okumoto received more than 2,000 medical masks and letter of gratitude from XCMG. He shows great gratitude to XCMG people. 

“South China offers spring to people”. On February 27, XCMG donated 6,000 masks to Japan and South Korea. On February 29, XCMG donated 10,000 masks to Italy. On March 1, XCMG donated 20,000 masks to Germany, Belgium and Spain. On March 4, XCMG donated 6,000 masks to U.A.E. On March 5, XCMG donated 10,000 masks to Oman, Egypt and Bahrain. On the packages, we wrote such sentences as “Brotherhood of the same mind can cut through metal”, and “Neighborhood of the same empathy can prevail over the troubled times”.

From “Stay Strong, China” to “Stay Strong, the world”, XCMG will never forget the blessings “Though in different countries, we share the same earth”; “We are willing to share with you what we have”. Nor will XCMG forget how the 66-year-old Mr. Kazuo Okumoto and his employees worked hard to purchase masks for China. The Chinese nation has the tradition to return to those who have helped us. And it is also the nature of XCMG people. 

“The bright moon sheds light on my home and my neighbor’s home, who share the green willow trees in the spring”. When the pandemic is challenging, let us make joint efforts to fight against the pandemic, instilling new energy into the move of building the community of a shared future for mankind.


When the pandemic is terminated in spring, we will together embrace the all-new life.